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Contact Wetter for high grade stainless steel wire and stainless steel wire mesh with micron or space openings. Wetter produces AISI 304, 304L, 306 and 306L stainless steel wire with wire drawing machines, at the same time, we weave better quality stainless steel wire mesh out of stainless 304, 316 and other metal alloy materials. We also have a dedicated team for all your business requirements.

From our website you can view our current wire mesh products and find out about the detail technical information available. Click on Contact Us for an inquiry or visit us in China to see the factory and how we control the quality.

Our mission is to...

Provide choice stainless steel wire and innovative and technologically advanced stainless steel wire mesh (wire cloth / screen) products in response to customer needs.

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New Products!

Stainless Steel Chicken Wire, woven in hexagonal openings with selvage and lacking wire to form a finished metal fabric for fencing of poultry or river bank protection. Also named Poultry Wire Fencing. Anti-rusting ss wire material can serve a long time. Supplied in the form of mesh containers or lines of fencing mesh.

Choose the Right Material for Stainless Steel Wire Mesh:Stainless Steel Mesh Screen
Are you looking for economic stainless steel mesh and does not require high property of corrosion resistance or strength? Or you are considering buying stainless steel wire mesh with less content of carbon and excellent property of corrosion resistance? Or you need stainless steel netting with good welding property? Click to see details of the chemical composition of stainless steel material and different properties they present.

Stainless Steel Wire Screen Printing Mesh
Five Layer Stainless Steel Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Cloth
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cloth, Woven Stainless Steel wireStainless Steel Wire Mesh, Welded
John Darke VolvoStainless Steel Wire Mesh Screen, Crimped John Darke VolvoStainless Steel Mesh, Perforated
Stainless Steel WireStainless Steel Wire: For fiber lining cloth, for woven wire mesh, or special purpose Stainless Steel wireWire Mesh Filter Elements
Wire Rope Zoo Fencing MeshStainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh Square Aperture Mesh SSStainless Steel Square Wire Mesh 304 SS
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Fire Sparks ProtectionStainless Steel Wire Mesh Fireplace Screen Mat Zinc Plated Mesh Fireplace MatsZinc Plated Wire Mesh Fireplace Curtains

Are you confused for finding reliable stainless steel wire and stainless steel mesh supplier in China?

Are you confused for finding reliable stainless steel wire and stainless steel mesh supplier in China? Click on our online catalog to get a profile about our wire mesh, made through the processing of weaving, welding, pre-crimping or perforating. In addition to stainless steel wire mesh, Wetter also offers a wide range of metal wire mesh and its processed products. For the focused woven wire mesh in stainless steel, we typically used six weaving methods. Click to learn more about How We Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for You.

Wetter designs and exports stainless steel wire mesh machines for weaving of coarse wire mesh and fine wire cloth. We supply Insect Netting Machine with selvage function and Square Hole Coarse Mesh Weaving Looms for producing 2 mesh to 40 mesh stainless steel wire mesh. Galvanized wire and aluminum alloy wire mesh can also be woven with the machines. Learn more.

Wetter New Products: Wire Mesh Mats for Fireplace Screen.
There are two types of fireplace screen wire mesh mats we can supply used for insulating the heat and to prevent the fire sparks. Hexagonal openings. The wire mesh mats is fastened to the metal tube. Both products are applied to DIN EN 10223-2 standards. One type is Stainless Steel Fireplace Screen Mesh, and the other is Zinc Plated Wire Mesh Mat for Sparks.